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Mormon Jesus is a different Jesus
Mormons are now changing their name to the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints !
Mormon off limits!

 Cult Characteristics

1. Faulty interpretation of the Bible
2. They question authority of the Bible
3. Salvation by grace is added to "Salvation = Faith + Works"
4. Their god or gods are not the God of the Bible
5. Doctrinal changes - " progressive revelation "
6. Add extra-scriptural writings
7. Saying one thing in public, another in private
8. Only group God deals with - " remnant "
9. Date setting - false prophecies
10. Vigorously attacks Christianity
11. Concept of Jesus is contrary to truth of Bible
12. Head of the organization comes between God and man
13. Claim to answer all religious questions
14. Division of believers loyalty between church & God
15. "Us against the world " attitude
16. Doctrine of Last Things is overemphasized
17. Deny personality of Holy Spirit
18. Different view of immortality of soul
19. Definitions of human nature & sin different from Bible


 Where is the River Laman ?
Textual Criticism, The Bible and the Book of Mormon
Gordon Hinckley on Why Blacks were Denied LDS Priesthood 

 A Former Mormon Professor Takes Us Inside Mormonism
Lifting the Veil
of Polygamy 
Called To Be Free
DNA vs The Book
of Mormon  
 The Bible vs The Book of Mormon

 The Fatal Flaw

Legal Thoughts On The Texas FLDS Raid

 Judge Reforms FLDS Trust

 Deseret Morning News: Evangelical Preaches at Salt Lake Tabernacle

 Mormon Fatal Flaw

 Racism Still Runs Through LDS Culture, Y. Researcher Says

Mormonism is Based on Evolution

LDS Interfaith

 Bedrock of a Faith Jolted

LDS Kingdom Come

 Even Behind Bars, Warren Jeffs’ Grip on Polygamist Sect Remains Firm




 Bible on mp3 (kjv)

 Memo on Torture Stokes Faith-Versus-Ethics Debate

 LDS A Cult

 The Mormon Church Invites Evangelical To Speak Salt Lake City Tabernacle

 The Darker Side Of Mormonism

The Lies of F.A.I.R

 Born 200 years ago Mormon Founder Smith Is Scrutinized Anew

 The Perplexing Problem of Polygamy


Witness: 14 Year Olds Wedding News "Shocking and Horrific" 

 Latter-day Saints: A look at the Mormon Church

A Discussion

Former Mormon Testimony Book of Mormon Review
Was Joseph Smith a Magician? Former Mormon Why I Left
A Public Announcement by Protesters Why Is Ecumenism Based on Evolution 
Biola Mormons Creating New Culture & New Christ Foundation for Apologetic Information 
2008 Was A Year of Scrutiny B.H. Roberts Disappointments 
From Mormonism to Christianity by Kris Interview with Craig Hazen is Mormonism of the Devil?
Mormon Books: What They Base Their Beliefs on LDS & RLDS Descendant of the Merovingian Dynasty 
LDS Church 'Most Prosperous' Religion Racism Still Runs Through The LDS Church
Mormons New Era Dawns for Temple Recommends (Bar Code Next ) After Going to the Temple and on a Mission He Learned the Truth of Mormonism
Does Mormonism Attack Other Religions? The Mormons Church and Freemasonry
Latter-day Saints: A look at the Mormon Church The First Vision
Book of Mormon Review Mormons and Masonry
Possible Options of Belief for Those Mormons who Wonder About the LDS Temple The Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses are the Same Organization (Foundation)
Former Mormon's Official Testimony A Letter to be Removed from the Records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Mormon Temple Ritual Changes How Mormonism Created Glenn Beck
Potential Convert Looks at the Art of Manipulation Was Joseph Smith a Magician
Both a former Mormon and a former Jehovah's Witness Evangelical Outreach addresses Mormons
Blood Atonement Is There No Help from the Widow's Son
Former Mormon Becky Sharing Her Story Once I Was Bind and Now I Can See 
Having Three Wives Will Get Them on the Higher End of Heaven Focus on the Family formed an Alliance with Mormons, Muslims and Hindus
Will the Mormon Missionaries Tell People How Reliable the Bible Is? The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ - What Does the Mormon Church Teach? Virgin or not so Virgin, Virgin Birth
Why I Left Mormonism Lds Church To Stand Out During Olympics
Are Mormon Apologetics Losing the Battle? The Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses Same Origin
Mormon Faith The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints Examined and Refuted  . Mormons Change Temple Ceremony And Name A Black General Authority
Mormon vs Anti-Mormon Discussion by FAIR Mormon Fiction
The Disappointment of B.H. Roberts A Conversation With A Mormon
Who Wrote The Book Of Mormon? The Book of Mormon Has Thousands of Errors 
The Truth And Nothing But The Truth - Nauvoo Expositor, June 7, 1844  Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
LDS No More! Mormon No More! The Book of Mormon Has Thousands of Errors
A Discussion about the Position Statement: Why Focus on the Family has Formed an Alliance with Mormons, Muslims and Hindus  Mormonism Is Quite Close To The Traditions of Chinese Reason Provo Has Become Sister City with China by agreement with a Chinese Mayor
Brigham Young stated that only Mormons can save the Constitution, did they Miss the Boat? Mormon United Order Equals Leveling the Playing Field, "New World Order"
1844 Murder of Joseph Smith Jr Mormons and Hindu Build Temple Together
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Does Not Teach Grace Mormons Try to Justify their Masonic Rituals and Baptisms for the Dead with Christian Historical Records
A Mormon Dreams of the Tree of Life in Missouri and a United Order The Word "Bible" was contrived by men and doesn't exist in God's Word, wrote a Mormon:
Former Mormon Testimony Introduction to Mormonism
Bible Facts: Mormon Errors LDS Financial Secrets
Excomunication for Questioning the Book of Mormon What Does Motivational Teacher Stephen Covey Really Believe?
Mormon Email Answered DNA vs Book of Mormon
John C. Bennett Master Mason, Mormon, or Both? Mormonism Trying To Look More Christian



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