Subject: Re: Mormons
From:"alan sharpe " <>
Date:Wed, Mar 07, 2007 10:08 pm

Dear Sister,

As you know from scripture, the whole world lieth in the Wicked one. And, from among those not saved, Satan takes captive those he wills. He does not take captive those who belong to God through Jesus Christ. He may sift them, but he does not take them captive. He can do nothing to the Saints without the permission of God.

As for my sisters, they are not allowed into fellowship with me according to Second Epistle of John. I am forbidden by God to bid them Godspeed since they teach the Mormon false Gospel. It is not that it is for my protection alone but primarily that they will be "separated", as in a brother turned over to Satan and shunned. If they are not converted, I will never see them again. I offer them no encouragement in their evil.

Their blood is not on my hands as I have told the family the truth and that repeatedly. It is up to God. I pray for them.

The Book of Mormon also states clearly that is has a familiar spirit "attached" to it. Of course, Smith was a warlock and a scrier, as his entire family were witches/warlocks.

I also understand about Masonry, yet for God nothing is impossible. The Gospel is the dunamis of God unto salvation. Since the scripture says that there are "none righteous, no not one" the lack of righteousness is inherent, not acquired. That is as David declared in Psalm 51. Thus, when the Holy spirit shines the light of the Gospel upon the sinner (Mormon or Hottentot) and quickens the sinner's human spirit, making it alive to God, it matters not what his association, he comes out.

Yes, Mormons need to hear the Gospel. And those preaching the Gospel to Mormons should spend most of their time in prayer, I think.

As far as Mormons not being responsible, they are as responsible as any sinner according to Romans chapter 1, and are without excuse. As you well know, most Mormon converts come out of Christian churches, many having heard the Gospel for years. Nominal Christians are their largest source of converts, I think. And, they are no more lost than a nominal Christian. What I am saying is this: ALL lost persons are deceived by Satan and live in darkness. The remedy is the same for all. If you think Mormons are difficult, go to any Indian reservation and begin preaching. Preach to an association of bankers. or a group of lawyers. Or Chinese collies. It is all the same.

Folk that do not come to Jesus Christ are deceived, that is true. By Satan. Consequently, Mormons are not "more" lost than any other sinners. Irreligious drug addicts are as lost. They are also witches as the Greek for witchcraft is pharmakeia, that is to practice occult stuff with dope. Apostate Jews are as lost. Unitarian Masons are as lost. Shamans are as lost. Certainly no Mormon is anymore lost than Saul of Tarsus was.

A "conversion" experience needs to conform to Scripture. I understand that my experience was genuine since it is described in Romans 8, wherein Paul states, "for ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but the Spirit of Adoption, whereby we cry "Abba", "Father". I also understand because I immediately understood the difference between worldly sorrow (and a repentance to be repented of) and godly sorrow, and the repentance from which there is never any repentance. I am not described "being" saved at a particular moment, as that salvation began before the foundation of the world, according to scripture. I describe the moment in time whereby we came to know God, or rather, as Paul says, He "knew" us, acknowledged us, made us aware of His love and salvation. Thus, one can be saved and know it, contra the Roman Catholics.

By the way, I am not arguing with you. All worship of false gods is dangerous and exceeding sinful.

Any "praying" or "work" done by Mormons in the Temples, for the dead, are of no consequence. That is no more of consequence that their sealings in marriage or plural marriages. The Mormons are interestingly revealed in that they so clearly respond to the Garden Temptation and their desire to become "as God", that is, gods is so obvious. Of course, the Manifest Sons of God are of the same ilk, and Earle Paulk's Harvester church organization is likewise. I have to laugh at my younger sister as she is a Women's Libber and yet she believes the Mormon garbage which requires the ladies to be celestial broodmares in the Celestial Stud farm of the husband god, spinning out those little spirit children by the millions. Deceived is deceived, is it not?

As to Satan "stealing" your salvation - are you saved now? You do understand that one is born again once? One does not have the spirit made alive to God, then killed again, then made alive to God, then killed again, etc. Either you were not born again or you were "sifted" for a rather long period. You do understand that an altar call is not the necessary equivalent of being born again? I am not arguing but simply stating the thing. You mention Luther, a favorite. Was Luther born again during the time that he was a monk, serving the flesh? Yet he mouthed the name of Jesus Christ repeatedly.

You mention "a curse". In the Bible, God is the only One who curses. Satan takes "captive" those who do not belong to Christ. However, Jesus gave Himself a ransom for us. Thus, by that Satan cannot hold us. He cannot do anything to us that God does not permit. Thus, a Christian can frequently tell his spiritual state by seeing if he is hated by unbelievers. If He was hated, we shall be.

There is the scriptural example of believers formally forsaking their occult past practices by book burnings and the burning of occult items. I see nothing in the New Testament whereby prayers were made to "break" curses, so called generational curses. The language of the Bible is closer to slave and free, bondage and freedom, than the other you mention.

I was with the Mormon gang for a week when my mother died. The Mormon leadership came at me like Agag came to Samuel, "surely the bitterness of death is past"? I helped my father and attended the funeral yet I did not participate as did all the family. My father renewed his pledge to live as a good Mormon and keep the family together so he could have his own planet one day.

In any case, as I said earlier, I am glad you guys got out. And I wish you well in the Lord.