A Conversation with a Mormon:


Christian's Question:
Do you believe you were in the spirit before you came to earth?
Were Jesus and Satan our spirit brothers?

Mormon's Answer:
Yes, I sure do believe that we lived as spirit children with our Father-in-Heaven before we were born on this world. I also believe that Jesus and Lucifer are both our brothers. I also believe that Lucifer. a.k.a. Satan, led away a third of our brothers and sisters in a rebellion against God, thereby becoming Satan. He had great potential and abilities, but rather than choosing to follow Father's will, he chose to follow his own path.
Christ on the other hand, chose to do our Father's will, and subject himself to whatever He saw fit to afflict him with (Isaiah 53). I really find a lot of meaning in his prayer in the Garden, just before the crucifixtion where he knew what pain and suffering he was going to have to endure and he humbly asked his Father if there was anyway possible to not have to go through with it. That was the human side talking, but his divine side said, "Not my will, but thy will."

We might not be begotten children of our Father in the flesh and have the capabilities that Christ our Savior had, but our spirits are His children and that is the spark of diety within us, that part that lifts us up from our animal state, refines us, teaches us to be willing to sacrifice for others and to simply do the right thing because it is simply the right thing to do.

Solomon was once the wisest and greatest man in the world. He had the world at his fingertips and was helping the House of Israel return to the Lord. In a sense, he was a proto-Savior to Israel. But as time went on, pride crept into his heart and he stopped following the counsel of the Lord. Instead of him taking counsel from the Lord, he either ignore it or he counseled the Lord. Soon he led Israel into the sins of idol worshipping and putting physical pleasure and fun before God. Now he was a proto-Lucifer.

In the pre-mortal world, where the children of our Father had the ability to become like our eldest brother Jesus and follow Father's counsel completely, we also had the ability to become like Lucifer, the father of all lies, the deceiver. In this world, we also can make the similar choices. St. Teresa was one of the most humble, kindest, most giving people that I know of. She gave of herself selflessly for many, many years helping others. I have known several St. Teresas during my life, people who sacrificed much, expecting nothing in return. If we sacrifice something to God and expect something in return for it, then it's not a sacrifice, it's an annoyance in our lives.

Then there are those like Hefner, Flint, Hitler, just to name a few who do everything to mar and mutilate, knowingly or unknowingly, the sweet spirits the Lord has made. They don't care about it, it's all about power and pride.

But through the blood of Christ and his atonement, they and people like them can also overcome the power that Satan has over them, burst the chains that bind them and be forgiven. The way back isn't easy and is frought with many dangers. What Satan has, he wants to keep. That is just the consequences of thier past actions.

I have seen a very vile man change overnight and become a pillar of the Church and the community. He left the world behind, returned to his family and sorely suffered for what he had done in the past, but he bore it well.

I have also see a man who was the picture of righteousness, leave God and fight Him every step of the way until the day he died. Who knows what happened there. He destroyed families and preached hatred and strife for several years.

Yes I believe that Christ and Satan are my spirit's siblings. I know what it is like to have one son do what is right in spite of whatever life threw at him and I also know what it is like to have a son rebel, and do everything to hurt me and my other children just for spite and vengence.