A Mormon Dreams of the Tree of Life in Missouri  and a United Order


[Ednote: Mormons believe that Jesus will come to the Nauvoo Temple in Missouri at His second coming. Every Mormon is to be ready to travel to Missouri, leave all their belongings behind, when the LDS President says to them "now is the time to go to Nauvoo." They talk about it a lot and wonder if they would really do it. end of Ednote]

I am a Mormon and have seen the LDS people set the example of righteous living in a free country.  So far, the Mormon Elders have risen up and saved much of the Constitution by their example and activism.  Most Presidents in the last century toured the Church's welfare industries for example, learned of the workfare concept it was built upon, and copied it in government.  Who can measure the impact the Church had in turning the tide away from total Socialism?  When Presidents of the Church stood up to Communism during the decades when Communism was considered acceptable, they stood nearly alone, our mainline "Christian" friends were oddly silent.  Mormon President Ezra Taft Benson, an ardent anti-communist, was alive to see the Berlin Wall fall and the cold war won, a gift God gave to him.  The list of Mormon Elders rising up is too long to mention here, but you see what I mean. 

I predict, as Brigham Young, that the Constitution will continue to be attacked by it's enemies, and that the Mormon Elders will continue to rise up and save it (The Savior said a little leaven will leaven the whole lump, so even a few changes in the constitution weaken it to an unacceptable level, and is therefore not the perfect will of God, and it "hangs by a thread" sort of speak.).  The leaven of Socialism has taken too much control of our country.  The Mormon Elders have the only solution to this evil, it's called "The United Order" where all things are held in common.  The saints should have "all things in common", those who read the New Testament know this.

I pray that the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will soon build up the old center stake of Zion in Missouri and once again begin practicing The United Order and then people will finally understand how to be fully committed to God's kingdom while living in the world.  Our country should allow this if it has progressed far enough in their understanding of true human rights.  When the Mormons are left alone, that is, without violence, as in the past, from some who consider themselves "Mainliners",  they unite in economic equality called "The United Order" (My grandfather was a member.)  Then the world will see that Socialism is force, and therefore born of wickedness, and The United Order is freedom and love and therefore, born of God. 

I so look forward to that day.  It won't be long.   The true meaning of Charity is the voluntary giving in an attitude of love, it is not giving through government forced programs!  Socialism is not charity.  Those who preach this are some of the very false prophets Christ saw in the last days.

With the rebuilding of the Nauvoo Temple, the leaves have begun turning green again.  Maybe not in my lifetime, but as the Church rebuilds what certain Mainliners destroyed in the 1800's, the world will see the beautiful "Tree of Life" in Missouri, all green and vibrant, the fruit of love freely eaten by all His children, with no inequality among them, having all things in common.  Hey, maybe this will happen during a Christmas season?!??!  Ahhh... just the thought gives me chills.

John Wyatt
Tustin CA
Father of Five jwyatt@platoproducts.com