TESTIMONY OF "R" former Mormon Spiritist & Genealogist

 "I began doing genealogical work even before I was baptised. From the very beginning, it was obvious that I had "help" from somewhere. Books would literally call to me from the shelves, and upon opening them I would find evidence of family lines for which the Mormon Temple work needed to be done. I began teaching genealogy classes my first year as a Mormon, and was soon recognised as an expert. Once I felt the presence of a dead grandmother with me in the temple, who I had not been able to believe would accept Mormonism even in the spirit world. Yet her presence was so real that I challenged her to help me locate her mother's records, which I had been unable to find. Two hours later in the genealogical library they "turned up" miraculously.

I knew others to whom dead relatives visibly appeared and spoke, telling of their conversion to Mormonism in the spirit world. One friend would see missing names written on her bedspread each night as she said her prayers. A voice once gave me a name which led me to records correcting false information I had accepted concerning an ancestor. I submitted over 200 names of ancestors and performed most of the female Temple ordinances myself. Spiritualist visitations and what would otherwise have been considered occultic manifestations were accepted in the name of the (Mormon) Church.

These supernatural experiences always came just when my testimony of the Church and Joseph Smith was wavering. For ten years I overlooked much that I knew was false and contradictory... convinced that if the spirits of dead ancestors were so anxious to have their genealogical work done, then the Mormon Church must be all that Joseph Smith had claimed. In appearances to many Mormons, the spirits testify that the Mormon Church is the only true church, that they have accepted the "restored" gospel of Mormonism in the spirit world, and urge the living to pursue genealogical work."


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