DNA and the Book of Mormon and the True Jesus Christ of the Bible.


Sunday, December 8th, 2002 Thomas Murphy will be excommunicated from the Mormon Church for speaking out and telling the truth about the DNA Evidence that stands against the Book of Mormon's validity. 

ABC News is saying they are going to air something about the situation on the Sunday night news.  We don't know when or if they really are, but God knows. 

Please keep Tom in your prayers.  We have been in much contact with him, and we still pray that God would open the eyes of his heart to meet the True Jesus. 

Please pray for us too.  There is so much to be done.  Various news articles have been written about Thomas Murphy, his upcoming disciplinary council hearing and his likely excommunication from the Mormon Church. The following are links to some of those articles.

CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/West/11/29/mormon.scholar.ap/index.html

The Salt Lake Tribune:
 The Ogden Standard:
 The Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Also there are going to be several candle light vigils that have been planned by a man some of you know of, Steven Clark.  He is a very aggressive Anti-Mormonism activist.  He says that vigils are planned for Salt Lake City, Portland, Los Angeles, Logan (UT), and Lynnwood (WA). All except for Lynnwood will be next to LDS temples. 

Please pray that God would reveal Himself to these Anti-Mormonism activists so that they too might know the Love and Truth of Jesus.  We at Living Hope Christian Fellowship are not Anti-Mormon; we love Mormons and we desire them to know the Jesus of the Bible.   

Please pray for all the Mormons who will be very confused about this truth revealed.  May many come to the True Jesus for salvation and a deep love relationship with Him.   

Our ministry website http://LivingHopeMinistries.info now has 2 Testimonies of Believers who came out of Mormonism into the wonderful love relationship with the True Jesus.  We also have a statement of faith, a simple Gospel message, and a streaming video of Gordon B. Hinckley talking briefly of the DNA and Thomas Murphy's rebuttal.  We are using Hinckley's video to draw people to the the ministry site from the scientist site.  

Our Scientist website www.MormonChallenge.com is completely up-to-date as well.  Please pray that many will come to Christ through an honest look at the DNA and instead of turning away from the Bible, may they turn to it for the Answer!  

Please continue to pray for us and the many Mormons who will be viewing this video in the near future. We are praying that God would thwart the schemes of the evil one who will try to stop Mormons everywhere from receiving or being receptive to this information about DNA and the Book of Mormon and the True Jesus Christ of the Bible.
We also have good news about the 20 minute support video. It is available on the internet in its full length at:
Broadband version:
Dial-up version:
A dear brother in Christ has made this possible and we are very grateful. He is also going to put the final cut on this site when we get a copy to him. What a blessing…God’s network of His people on the internet letting everyone to the ends of the earth know about JESUS!!!!
Praising JESUS,
Aaron Lippard for Living Hope Christian Fellowship
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