Mormonism marches on in spite of the many efforts to get people informed. The leadership knows the facts, and already wasted millions of dollars on temples that are basically not useable for anything, if Mormonism were to fold up. The temples could not be used as hotels, schools maybe, and businesses no. Jesus would not set foot in a temple where Masonic rituals are performed. They tell the members that they are building the temples for Jesus when he comes back at the end of the Millennium after they get this world cleaned up for him and everyone who has ever lived is baptized and endowed into Mormonism. "BYU President predicts 30 million Mormons and a thousand temples more by the year 2025. Mormons predict the missionary force will double to 125,000 by that same year. Temple work will be the key activity in the millennium and that students should keep themselves worthy in order to meet the needs of this rapid growth.




The Fukuoka Japan Temple will open to the public June 1-3. It will be dedicated in four sessions on June 11, opening for ordinance work June 12, 2000.
The Adelaide Australia Temple will open to the public June 3-10, except Sunday, June 4. This Temple will be dedicated in four sessions June 15, opening for ordinance work June 16.
The Melbourne Australia Temple will open to the public June 2-10, 2000 except Sunday, June 4.
The Montreal Quebec Temple will be dedicated in four sessions on Sunday, June 4, 2000, and open for ordinance work June 5.
The San Jose Costa Rica Temple will be dedicated in four sessions on Sunday, June 4, 2000, and open for ordinance work June 5.
The Suva Fiji Temple will open to the public June 7-12, except Sunday, June 11.
Pageants. [They bring in lots of converts with these pageants. Missionaries are present to proselytize people who come to see them.]
I can count the people who have a burden for Mormons on one hand. They try to witness to the visitors and the Mormons who attend at great risk. "The Mormon Miracle Pageant" will be held at Manti, Utah, on June 15-17, 20-24 free to the public.




As a former Mormon all I can think of are the countless hours and dollars spent by members for a useless purpose as a Christian. God's favor cannot be won by doing anything in Mormonism. From a biblical point of view it is a fabric of someone's imagination. There is no truth to be found in Mormonism, in fact they teach people to be basically disobedient to our Lord Jesus Christ. During my membership in the church, I was approached several times to get a divorce. Many former members I came to know after I left had the same complaint.

Mormons hold General Conferences as a routine when members gather around the authorities either in person, or via satellite dish. The Report of the 170th Annual General Conference was just published. An immense facility was dedicated not long ago for this purpose. They have so much money, they use nothing but the best materials to build and decorate with all the latest equipment. My son is in construction and he marveled when he received a contract to put doors into one of their buildings [he is not a member and I had nothing to do with that. It just happened. Satan tried to entice my children anyway he could]. He said all the woodwork was solid oak, the most expensive they could find.

105,000 members were able to attend the conference over a period of time. Capacity is 21,000 apparently. The new Conference Center is across the street from the Salt Lake Temple.

I like to browse through the Ensign Magazine to find teachings that come out of mouths of the General Authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to prove how far removed they are from the Word of God. The cover already tells the story that their god is not the God of Israel. They believe in plural gods. One the cover is the "father" and the "son" as two separate persons with a body each. The Christian God is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and they are ONE God in three persons, not two bodies.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks, one of the Apostles is the most daring who quotes from the Book of Mormon. This time he spoke of the resurrection of Jesus and of mortals. He bragged that a whole lot more people saw and felt Jesus after he resurrected, some "2500 men, women, and children" (see 3. Nephi 17:25), the Bible didn't even come close to that many. He goes on to explain that all mortal beings who have lived and died will be brought forth and live again in a resurrected body, good or bad. He said that Jesus has "broken the bands of death." He quoted John 14:19. Then he goes on to describe the same in the Book of Mormon.

As I have written before many Mormons have manifestations of their dead "relatives" or dead people whom they seal by proxy for time and eternity and Elder Oaks geared into that. Mind you, this man is an Apostle in the church. Not understanding the Word of God, that the dead are not accessible to us in any way, he states: "Many living witnesses can testify to the literal fulfillment of these scriptural assurances of the resurrection. Many, including some in my own extended family, have seen a departed loved one in vision or personal appearance and have witnessed their restoration in "proper and perfect frame" in the prime of life. Whether these were manifestations of persons already resurrected or of righteous spirits awaiting an assured resurrection, the reality and nature of the resurrection of mortals is evident. He contradicted himself by saying that the spirits are waiting to be resurrected, how could they have been seen already in visions? Jesus is the only one who has been resurrected thus far. The rest are waiting for the Rapture.

After relating flawless Scriptural facts weaving back and forth between the Bible and the Book of Mormon, he states: "We know from the Book of Mormon that the resurrection is a restoration that brings back "carnal for carnal" and good for that which is good" (Alma 41:13; see also vv.2-4 and Hel. 14:31). The prophet Amulek taught, "That same spirit which doth possess your bodies at the time that ye go out of this life, that same spirit will have power to possess your body in that eternal world" (Alma 34:34)

If Mormons are not really Christians because their Jesus is the spirit brother of Satan they do not have the Holy Spirit when they die. Satan is a created being. That means that they will not be resurrected when Jesus comes like a thief in the night to rapture and resurrect those who are true believers. Mormons will have to wait till the end of the Millennium before they are resurrected at the Great White Throne judgment.

The Apostle tells the truth when he states that the Mormon spirit which is in control during Mormon membership, will have power to possess their body in that eternal world. The Apostle is hoping they won't notice what he is really saying. To Oaks' shame he is encouraging members to practice necromancy in that he places an expectation in members' minds that they can expect to have visions of the dead within the Mormon belief system.

Oaks goes on the explain the principle of restoration, He states that it means that persons who are not righteous in mortal life will not rise up righteous in the resurrection (see 2 Nephi 9:16; 1 Cor. 15:35-44; D&C 88:27-32) Moreover, unless our mortal sins have been cleansed and blotted out by repentance and forgiveness, we will be resurrected with a "bright recollection" and a "perfect knowledge of all our guilt, and our uncleanness. The many scriptures suggesting that the resurrection be followed immediately by the Final Judgment emphasize the seriousness of that reality.

Again, although he had a perfect opportunity to bring up that Jesus shed his blood from the cross to blot out all our sins forever, he didn't do it. He should have told them also that Jesus returned to heaven to intercede for us when we sin and that He became the only Melchizedek priest who has the power to grant us eternal life with Him. Mormons are basically on their own to become as righteous as Christ Jesus with good deeds. If they do not become as righteous as Jesus does, God cannot look upon them. He only sees His Son. Without the righteousness of Jesus Christ which He allows born again believers to participate in, Mormons don't have a prayer of ever making it.

Elder Oaks even tells them that they don't have a prayer in making the First Resurrection. He stated that their resurrection is not until the end of the Millennium, which is the Second Resurrection of those who didn't make it in the First one. If Mormons would only study the Bible they would be able to hear and discern what he is really saying.

He also stated the lie that we will be with all our family members.. Which cannot be true if the Bible is true. Only people who believe that Jesus was and is God, the Son, and that He died for all, including Mormons will be there. Most people don't really understand it nor believe it. So how can all our family members be there waiting for us?

He stated: "Temples stand as a witness of our conviction of immortality. Our temples are concerned with life beyond the grave.. Our temples are living, working testimonies to our faith in the reality of the resurrection.. [The Second Resurrection, don't forget] None of this would be meaningful if we did not have the assurance of universal immortality. [We have universal immortality, but where is the question? in heaven or in hell?]
This is a testimony from a young man who learned the truth about Mormonism.


His extended family are still all members. He and his wife left orthodox Mormonism in 1996.

I had virtually no doubts about the LDS faith when I was growing up. Most non-LDS would say that is because I was "born in the church" and therefore I wasn't looking at things with an open perspective. On the contrary, I studied the religious beliefs and differences of various Christian sects while growing up. Along with several friends, I had several "debates" with ministers and the like from other faiths while in high school. My discussions with these people did nothing but further solidify my belief in the LDS gospel. The main reason for this was the information being provided by those "anti-Mormons". They would throw in some truth with many lies. They would also try and "prove" Mormonism false by comparing it with Christianity. I had no problem with the differences between the two, and hence their arguments did nothing to convince me of the errors in Mormonism. Both mainstream Christianity and Mormonism suffer from the same truth finding methodology problem, but I didn't realize this at the time.

The first time I personally ever had doubts was when I went to the temple for the first time in the 1980s. The whole concept of the temple was a great thing I thought at the time. Here I could be sealed to my family forever. Here I could help others who never had a chance to receive "ordinances" necessary for salvation receive them. When I actually went through to get my own endowment however, I was horrified by what went on, but I didn't say anything--similar to many Mormons. Not only was there nothing spiritual about the experience, the way the endowment is presented smells of cultism. You are instructed early on in the endowment that you can withdraw rather than go through the ceremony. Of course no one withdraws because you have no idea what is going to happen, you have your family and friends all sitting around you. Nothing of substance has happened yet to incline anyone to withdrawal. The next thing you know, you have taken a series of vows in unison with everyone else which hardly resemble anything you normally do in your LDS experience. Before 1990, you also had extreme penalties associated with the violation of any of these vows.

My wishful thinking got the better of me, and I continued to attend the temple -- thinking that it was only my lack of understanding that caused me severe discomfort every time I went through a session. Then I saw a show on the masons, and I realized that Joseph Smith did a little more than invent the endowment on his own or somehow receive a "revelation" that enabled him to establish the endowment. I saw one explanation at the time claiming that he told others that he was restoring the corrupted portions of the endowment that had been lost and that the masons traced their ceremonies all the way back to the Temple of Solomon. I bought the explanation (hook, line, and sinker) at the time as I was a good little Mormon boy who would be going on a mission soon. Recently I found out this couldn't possibly be true based on my research of Freemasonry. In addition, many of the newer parts of the Masonic rituals (those created after the 16th Century) were incorporated into the endowment which shows that Joseph Smith borrowed rather than "restored" the temple endowment.

On my mission, several other doubts arose in me which I won't go into here. I did a similar cover up of each of those doubts like I did with the temple endowment explanation and tried to forget them. Then in 1990, the temple endowment changed. At first, I thought this was a great thing. I figured the experience would be more spiritual and less of a pain to go through. The more I went through the new endowment sessions, however, the more I realized that the changes made seemed more like an effort of the church to become politically correct rather than do things based on "revelation".

After getting married and graduating from BYU, I planned to just ignore my doubts and try not to raise any new ones to avoid any possible confrontations or conflicts with my wife. I should say at this point that I still had a good testimony during this period regardless of the doubts. It just wasn't a "perfect" testimony as it once was or seemed to be. I still didn't realize that "testimony" and the means by which Mormon testimonies are developed are very poor methods of discovering truth. I thought my wife would probably divorce me if she knew I had doubts so I never talked about them with her.

As time went on I felt I was living in a lie. I had to have my doubts resolved in order to obtain a stronger testimony. My first kid was on the way, and I didn't want to be a hypocrite in teaching him like I sometimes felt when teaching or giving a talk in the church.

I started doing some research into the temple endowment and the Book of Abraham--my two biggest problems with the Mormon church at the time. I won't go into any detail here in describing my ultimate findings and conclusions. Suffice it to say that after doing a great deal of research, I no longer had any doubts. The church could not possibly say that these two portions of the "gospel" are true and be true itself. There are many other doctrines I found to be untrue and many doctrines which I have found to have "evolved" over time rather than being "restored" as the church claims.

I don't want this brief history of myself to sound like I believe the Mormon church is completely 'evil' or somehow worse than other religious institutions. Some people may live happier and productive lives by being active participants in their faith than would otherwise be the case. However, the LDS church should not purport to be something that it is not--thus deceiving its own members. The church is a product of evolution and wishful thinking like the rest of Christianity. It is not based on revelation and restoration. (Source: