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 Mormonism Is Quite Close To The Traditions of Chinese Reason Provo Has Become Sister City with China
ED NOTE 1: This article points to the slavery in Mormonism. 11.5 million hours of work was done by volunteers who are required to serve the church if they want to be in good standing within the system and receive permission to enter the Temples works. That 11.5 million hours is only one phase of Mormonism. There are hundreds more.
ED NOTE 2: This admission also exposes Mormon Atheism. Communists are Atheists.

LDS NEWS HEADLINES: LDS Magazine 6/6/01 - 1880 Census Now on CD-ROM — Deseret News The Church has announced the release of the 1880 United States Census on CD-ROM. The database is the culmination of 17 years and 11.5 million hours of work and fills 56 CD-ROMs. Researchers can quickly access information on the 50,475,336 inhabitants of the 38 states and eight territories that were part of the United States at the time. "Because the 1890 Census was destroyed by fire, there is no other federal source like this for 20 years," said David E. Rencher, director of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Washington Church Membership Growing Rapidly — Tacoma News Tribune One of the most rapidly growing areas in Washington is also the fastest growing Latter-day Saint population in the Northwest. The Church recently dedicated another ward building in Puyallup, Washington. Members in this area are described as "hard-working citizens" who were quick to respond to a flood that caused an urgent need for sandbagging. Church members also participate often in other local community service events, including cleaning parks and cemeteries and painting the city hall.

Genealogy, Family Values Attract Chinese Officials to Utah — Ut.Co.Journal Last week, officials from Nanning, China, visited Utah to sign a sister- city agreement with Provo. They also requested to see the Church family history center in Salt Lake City and to tour the Conference Center. The
family history center was high on the Nanning officials' agenda because of their own commitment to genealogy. Mayor Guoqiang said one of the reasons he wanted to become a sister city with Provo was because of its Church heritage. "Mormonism," he said through a translator, "is quite close to
the traditions of the Chinese

ED NOTE: Is is any wonder LDS Senator Orren Hatch is pro stemcell research. The embryo has to be killed after the stemcells are removed.