Date: Oct 22, 2010 3:10 PM
The Foundation for Apologetical Information and Research was founded by Scott Gordon of Redding, California, about 10 years ago. Generally, FAIR apologetics are "fairly" sound and accurate. FAIR has even gone as far as to reveal deception used by one popular Mormon speaker who sells DVDs online that purports to show that Native Americans have Jewish DNA in them (they don't!). However, when it comes to the Curse of Cain Legacy, FAIR reverts to this. I quote FAIR:

"Prior to this statement by Elder Bruce R. McConkie in 1978, the doctrinal folklore that blacks are the descendants of Cain and Ham and that they carry the “mark of Cain” was a belief among some members of the Church, and is occasionally heard even today."

The TRUTH is, that over 90% of active Latter-day Saints believed that blacks were the descandants of Cain prior to the late 1970s. Only the "liberals" did not believe this. 90% of Mormons believed that blacks were the "cursed" decendants of Cain because that is what Mormon leaders taught them, over and over and over and over again, from the late 1840s until the mid-1960s. Bowing to bad press, the Church stopped openly teaching the Curse of Cain Doctrine in the 1960s, but never officially repudiated it (to this day).

Since 1996, LDS Church Public Affairs has said that "some Church members may have believed this, but it was never approved by Church leaders". Yes! LDS Church Public Affairs is saying "it was never a doctrine of the Church" and are blaming "some Church members" (not leaders) for the Curse of Cain Legacy.

And FAIR is following the lies of LDS Church Public Affairs.

Lies are not of God. not of God. To lie to avoid embarassment is not of God.

I would encourage FAIR (i.e. Scott Gordon) to be "fair" with the truth, and stop lying and equivocating in regards to the Curse of Cain Legacy! Simply TELL THE TRUTH, and let God worry about the consequences. The TRUTH is:

*The Curse of Cain was "taught" by Church leaders as "a doctrine of the Church" over 50 times in General Conference, and hundreds (if not thousands) of times in letters, Stake Conferences, etc., from 1848 until the mid-1960s, and in the case of Bruce R. McConkie, up until 1978.

*The Curse of Cain Doctrine was NEVER presented as "personal opinion".

*The Church of Cain Doctrine was NEVER presented as "folklore" by Church leaders, but always as "revelation" and "doctrine" and "what the Church teaches".

*The Curse of Cain Doctrine was NEVER "what some Members of the Church believed" but what just about ALL active Members adhered to unless they were "liberal" (perhaps 10% to 15%)

*The First Presidency has NEVER repudiated the Curse of Cain Doctrine!

*LDS Church Public Affairs has been telling journalists and non-members "It was never a doctrine, just something a few Church members believed". They've been saying this LIE since 1996 (when Elder Ballard took control of Public Affairs).

Tell the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free! I encourage CES teachers NOT to use lies, equivocations, and other forms of DECEPTION in dealing with the Curse of Cain legacy. Simply TELL THE TRUTH and let God handle the rest.