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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS, Mormonism, Godmakers, Temples, Polygamy, FLDS, DNA

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V 7 The Godmaker II Jeremiah Films
V 21 The Mormon Dilemma JF
V 29 Godmaker I Jeremiah Films
V 52 Temple of the Godmakers JF
V 57 The Latter Day Empire JF
V 58 Joseph Smith Jr Temple of Doom JF
V 65 Is Mormonism Christian Walter Martin
V 127 The Mormon Puzzle
V 140 The Secret World of Mormonism
V 183 DNA Evidence & the Book of Mormon, Living Hope Min
V 229 Sexual Child Abuse Al Hadfield
V 260 History of West & Mormons
V 283 Mormonism, The Christian View
V 284 Mormonism Revisited Subject Godmakers
V 286 Upon The Creeds We Stand
V 291 Secret Ceremonies LDS / Donahue
V 292 Hebrew in Relation to B.o.Mormon
V 293 X-Mormon Discusses Mormon Doctrine
V 334 The Godmakers - Spanish
V 422 Mormon Archeology?
V 493 The Bible & Book of Mormon
V 505 Who Truly Are the LDS? Former Mormons
V 625 Road to Zion BYU Pentagrams
V 708 Lifting the Veil of Polygamy
V 733 FLDS Fundamental Latter-day Saints Polygamy
V 813 LDS Hatfiled Falsely Accused Child Abuse Case
V 1012 Why We Need to Witness to Mormons Dr John Ankerberg
V 1034 Why Mormons Need To Be Witnessed to
V 1045 What's Wrong With Mormons?
V 1111 Salt Lake City Masonic Satanism
V 1247 LDS Questions Christy Darlington DBL
V 1341 The Bible vs Joseph Smith
V 1355 Jesus Christ vs Joseph Smith 
V 1545 Mormonism's Temple of Doom Schnoebelen
V 1760 Jesus Christ versus Joseph Smith  .
V 2100 Freemasons & Mormon Masonic Temples
V 2102 J Smith's Golden Plates & His Death McKeever 
V 2103 Mormonism -vs-Christianity-XMormon 
V 2104 a.b Mormonism - vs - Christianity Debate 2 DVDs 
V 2105 Secrets of the Mormon Temples 
V 2106 The Bible vs. Book of Mormon 
V 2107 The New Age Movement 
V 2108 Why Mormons Leave Sandra Tanner 
V 2129 Best Christian Mormon Debate
V 2178 What's Wrong With Mormon's 3 Degrees of Glory etc.
V 2471 Exposed Bizarre Mormon Temples 
V 2473 Mormon History & What they believe
V 2474 Most Revealing Temple
V 2476 Secrets of Mormon Temples Richard Packham
V 2477 The True Origin of Mormonism
V 2637 Mormonism, JW, Islam & Sinners Prayer Paul Washer
V 2683 White Elegance of Mormon Temples
V 2704 Ravi Zacharias Speaks to LDS Elders
V 2705 Why I Joined and Left the Mormon Church
V 2750 Difference Between Christianity & LDS J Ankerberg
V 2775 Mormonism vs King James Bible - Bradley Crum
V 2954 The Early Years in Mormonism Sandra Tanner
V 3078 False Prophecies of Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith
V 3082 Line Upon Line Seer Stone & Tranlating the BoM
V 3085 Collapse of Mormonism Why Millions Are No Longer LDS
V 3086 NA Enemy of Christ Exposed for Witnesses Viewer Disc.Advised
V 3087 The Stories of the Wives of Joesph Smith
V 3088 Top Ten Mormon Problems Explained
V 3090 Walter Martin's Last TBN Appearance (never made public)
V 3091 Why Mormons Leave
V 3469 Mass Resignation from Mormonism
V 3474 The Collapse of Mormonism Why Millions Are No Longer Mormons
V 3502 The Mormon Candidate BBC Documentary
V 3548 Christian Mormon Debate 
V 3552 Earl Erskine Explains Why He Left The LDS Church 
V 3555 a.b Former Mormon Bishop, Lee B. Baker  2 DVDs
V 3587 a.b Why We Left The Mormon Church 2 DVDs
V 3816 The Ultimate Mormon Conspiracy To Take Over The USA  
V 4287 Former LDS National Conference 2011 at Concerned Christians
V 4332 Elements of an LDS Testimony Sandra Tanner  
V 4333 A Look at LDS Scriptures Sandra Tanner  
V 4334 a.b.c.d. Journey Out of Mormonism Sandra Tanner  4 DVDs
V 4336 The Difference in Jesus after Joseph Andy Poland
V 4354 Our Rock is not their rock (another Christ) by Alex Dunlap  
V 4477 Differences Between Mormonism & Biblical Christianity Ron Rhodes 
V 4512 Glenn Beck tries to Prove Book of Mormon on Air 
V 4534 Former Mormon Tricia Erickson says Mormonism is a Racist Cult 
V 5716 Book of Mormon is False Beyond Belief
V 5748 a.b.c.d. Caught In The Mormon Matrix 4 DVDs
V 5985 Fraud of Mormonism Jeff Ricks & Kay Burningham
V 6031 a.b.c.d. Gold Plates in Mormon Culture & Thought R Bushman4 DVDs
V 6228 LDS Mormon Temple Endoment Parody - Marvelous Work & Wonder
V 6235 Lifting The Veil Of Polygamy (full)
V 6300 Mormon Apologist Tactics
V 63012 Mormon Cartoon Banned Extended Version
V 6302 a.b. Mormon Cult Secrets Breaking Polygamy 2 DVDs
V 6303 Mormon Problems Top 10 Explained
V 63042 Mormonism a Racist Cult Tricia Erickson
V 63052 Mormonism Exposed What Every Christian Should Know
V 63062 Mormonism vs Christianity Debate
V 63072 Mormons & Their Secret Temple Rites Exposed
V 63082 Mormon's Lost Book of Abraham Joseph Smith
V 63092 Mormons Sandra Tanner
V 63092 Mormons Sandra Tanner
V 64802 William Cooper - Mystery Babylon - The Godmakers & Bo Gritz
V 6532 What Do Mormons Believe Matrix 2
V 6533 Mormon Masonic Teachings Matrix 3
V 6534 How to Disconnect from the Mormon Church Matrix 4
V 6535 The Book of Mormon Rejects Christianity Matrix 5
V 6792 Understanding Mormonism Dr. James White
V 6899 William Cooper Mystery Babylon The Godmakers & Bo Gritz (full)
V 6577 a.b.c.d.e. Caught in the Mormon Matrix 5 DVDs
V 8026 a.b.c. Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony (SLC) 3 DVDs
V 8049 a.b. Secrets of Mormon Cult Polygamy 2 DVDs


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