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The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, Mormonism, LDS, Reorganized LDS

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 AT 3 LDS Exit Testimony - Bushnell, Barbara & Hal
 AT 6 LDS Exit Testimony of Former Mormon Carroll,C
 AT 9 LDS Exit Testimony of Former Mormon - Winger, L
 AT 13 Testimony of Eight Witnesses - Decker, Ed
 At 15 Mormonism and Masonry - Ed Decker
 AT 19 LDS Exit Testimonry of Former Mormon Garrigus,S
 AT 20 Exit Testimony of Former Missionary Graham, Rick
 AT 21 Former LDS Exit Testimony - Geer, Thelma
 AT 26 LDS Exit Testimony of Former Mormons - Hunsaker
 AT 36 Reorganized LDS Doctrine - King, George
 AT 54 The Maze of Mormonism - Martin, Walter
 AT 57 LDS Exit Testimony of Former Mormon Morris, B
 AT 61 LDS Exit Testimony of former Mormon Reynolds, D
 AT 62 LDS Exit Testimony of Former Mormon Zilonka, Jim
 AT 63 LDS Tactics Target Christian Ministers Tanner,S
 At 65 LDS Parallels Copeland's Word of Faith Movmt (SOS)
 AT 67 Magic, Moneydigging, Masonry - Walter, Wes
 AT 68 Archaeology and the Book of Mormon Witham, J
 AT 77 Witnessing.. The Mormon Mindset Sundholm C
 AT 126 Changes in the LDS Temple Ceremony Tanner, S
 AT 127 Struggles of Leaving Mormonism Tanner, Sandra
 AT 131 In Focus TV Interview with Sandra Tanner Tanner
 AT 134 Mormons Answered - Steel on Steel
 AT 135 Is One God Enough? - Tanner, Sandra
 AT 149 How to Run a Discernment Ministry - Decker, Ed
 AT 161 Who Came First? The Father or the Son? McKeever
 AT 162 Mormonism & Me - Thelma (Granny) Geer
 AT 169 Mormonism - Agusta Harting
 AT 185 Mormons and New Age Steel on Steel
 At 209 Are Mormons Christians - Denver Seminary
 AT 211 Are Mormons Christians? - Steel on Steel
 AT 212 False Prophecies of Joseph Smith, Jr. Steel on Steel
 AT 213 Mormon Fraud / Christians Today - Steel on Steel
 AT 214 Living Prophets - Steel on Steel
 AT 225 Ex-Mormons for Christ - Steel on Steel
 AT 226 a.b Mormonism including the Temple - XLDS & C.U. 2 Audio Tapes
 AT 231 In and Out of Mormonism - Sundholm, C.& S.
 AT 233 Ex-Mormons - Steel on Steel
 AT 235 Leaving a Cult - Scott
 AT 238 a.b The Heresy of Mormonism Discussed - Puetter 2 Audio Tapes
 AT 239 Mormon United Order - Steel on Steel
 AT 240 Ex-Mormon Missionary about the Temple XLDS & CU
 AT 241 Ex-Mormon Missionary Confesses XLDS & CU
 AT 242 Failed Prohpecies of Joseph Smith Jr.
 AT 281 Is Mormonism Christian? - Martin,Walter
 AT 291 Problems in Winning Mormons Jerald Tanner
 AT 339 a.b Mormons at Your Door Decker/Martin 2 Audio Tapes
 AT 340 Mormons at Your Door Pt 2 Decker / Martin
 AT 346 a.b Mormon Missionary Lessons - J.Yount 2 Audio Tapes
 AT 348 Father God, Mother God, Baby God W.T.M.S
 AT 349 Elusive Salvation - W.T.M. Seminar
 AT 350 The Mormon God - W.T.M. Seminar
 AT 351 Examining the Book of Mormon W.T.M.S
 AT 352 The Bloody Prophet - W.T.M. Seminar
 AT 353 The Real Jesus - W.T.M. Seminar
 AT 354 The Trinity - Is It Biblical? W.T.M. Seminar
 AT 355 Was The Church Really Lost? W.T.M. Seminar
 AT 356 a.b Archaeology Pt.1 - W.T.M Seminar 2 Audio Tapes
 AT 358 Examining Mormonism - W.T.M. Seminar
 AT 359 Questions We The Gods - W.T.M. Seminar
 AT 360 Book of Mormon versus Mormonism W.T.M.S
 AT 361 It Didn't Come to Pass - W.T.M. Seminar
 AT 362 The Blood Atonement Doctrine Pt.1.Ed Decker
 AT 363 The Blood Atonement Doctrine Pt.2. - Ed Decker
 AT 364 LDS Seminar - Witnessing - Ed Decker
 AT 365 Ham & the Priesthood - Bob Witte
 AT 366 By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them ExLDS4Jesus
 AT 367 The Mormon Dilemma - Ed Decker
 AT 368 Mormonism Challenged - Ed Decker
 AT 369 God's Word for Utah - Ed Decker
 AT 370 Those Plain and Precious Things - Ed Decker
 AT 371 To Moroni, With Love - Ed Decker
 AT 372 Mormonism & The Negro - Bob Witte
 AT 373 Let Us Reason Together - Richard Baer
 AT 374 Study the Trinity in Regard to Mormonism Yount
 AT 375 Speech by Mormon Elder McConkie
 AT 376 Ex-Mormons / Prophecy - Steel on Steel
 AT 377x Testimony of Former Mormon - Dick Baer
 AT 378 a.b.c Examination of Mormon Doctrine Witte
 AT 381 What About Adam God? - Bob Witte
 AT 382 Adam-God: Testing a Prophet - Bob Witte
 AT 383 Mormon's & the New Age - Steel on Steel
 AT 384 Why Mormonism is not Christian - Bob Witte
 AT 385 a.b The First Vision - John Yount 2 Audio Tapes
.AT 386 Mormonism Challenged - Ed Decker
 AT 388 Profile of a Prophet - Bob Witte
 AT 390 Ed Decker, His Experience in Mormonism Ed Decker
 AT 395 a.b Mormon Temple Ritual 1984 Witte/Cozad 2 Audio Tapes
 AT 428 It Didn't Come to Pass - W.T.M. Seminary
 AT 431 Examining The Mormon Apostles - Joe Schimmel
 AT 472 Mormonism - Dan Harting
 CD 677x Mormonism & Me Thelma Greer
 CD 691 a.b.c. Debates Setting Record Straight End Time 3 CDs
,CD 735 Testimony of Granny Geer About the LDS Church
.CD 1387 Mormonism - Texe Marrs
 CD 2030 Temple of Doom Texe and Bill Schnoebelen
.CD 2115 Understanding Mormonism Ron Carlson
,CD 2142 Facts Mormons Won't Tell You at Your Door




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